Providing Safety to Wastewater Collection Workers Around the US

Providing Safety to Wastewater Collection Workers Around the US

The wastewater collection industry deals with an innumerable number of hazards. Chief among them are the dangerous bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that linger in raw sewage. At Vanguard Systems we are dedicated to making the services of wastewater collection safe from these dangers. Learn more about how we provide safety to wastewater workers around North America, Canada and Australia and get in touch with us today!


Vanguard Pathogen Defense System

Our Vanguard Pathogen Defense System reduces germs and pathogens to make these jobs easier, cleaner, and safer. But the Vanguard System is more than just a germ destroyer. This preventative attachment for trucks sanitizes, disinfects, and cleans your appliances so you don’t have to worry about mud, crud, or blood.


Removes Up to 98% of Bacteria & Viruses

Our spray nozzle attachment allows workers to spray the antibacterial and antiviral solution Sani-Solution™ to their work area, their external controls, and their truck. With immense water volume, high-contact surfaces that are at the highest risk of transferring bacteria from the sewer to the operator (such as the jet hose) can be effectively cleaned with powerful cleaning solutions to defend against pathogens.



Designed to keep your wastewater workers healthy for just a few dollars a day, the Vanguard Pathogen Defense System is easy to install and operate. The investment you put into the system will be offset by the reduction in lost time caused by your team falling victim to bacteria. Protect your wastewater workers from illness, boost their morale, and limit both liability exposure and health insurance premiums.


Represented Throughout America

The modular design of the Vanguard System makes it easy to mount on any CCTV trucks, straight jet trucks, or combination trucks. Numerous sewer cleaners across the nation are already experiencing the ease of the Vanguard Pathogen Defense System, including:

To equip your wastewater workers with top-of-the-line protection, choose the Vanguard System. Contact us today to learn more about how you can make sewage treatment and water treatment safe.