The Vanguard Systems were easy to install on our trucks and the system has proven easy to operate. It didn’t take long for our guys to adapt to using the Vanguard System as part of their sewer cleaning routine and they are happy to have it.

Mitch Riley
Collections Supervisor - City of Englewood

Employee safety is very important to us. Reducing employee contact with the biologic hazards contained in wastewater is clearly part of our program. It only made sense that we added it to our program.

Duane Rivard
Wastewater Manager - City of Lakewood

We were all amazed to see how well it cleaned off the mess in general – not to mention the viruses and chemicals our workers would have normally been touching.

Our guys really appreciate that we are being pro-active in looking out for their health. When we get another truck ordered, it will definitely have a Vanguard system on it.

Dayna Livingston
Maintenance Foreman - City of Medicine Hat

After seeing firsthand the Vanguard Systems ability to drastically reduce virus / bacterial contamination coming out of the collection system up to employees, we purchased them for the rest of our CCTV, Jet Vacs, and Jet Trucks – 14 in all. We are very pleased with the systems, and recommend them to others agencies without hesitation.

Nick Verdi
Operations Supervisor - Colorado Springs Utilities